1. Hashtag Advocacy

    I think working in the field, with African women, and seeing their struggles first hand, I have grown to hate hashtag advocacy.

    People thinking that adding a slogan after a hashtag is good enough to stop all the ills of the world is a joke.  


  2. Anonymous said: Aaah you're so pretty!

    eeyyyy thank you ohhhhhh!


  3. Taking early morning selfies in Boston during this work conference. 

    I was killin these ladies with my print dresses and curls…#andsowhat


  4. 1. My old desk in Tanzania.

    2. My old market where my roomie and I used to get our food.

    3. And finally the bus stop where I would wait at 5am for an 8 hour bus to get to Mwanza, TZ, where I’d go eat pizza on my way to Dar es Salaam.

    I still can’t believe this was my life for a year. Being back in DC, I can tell how much more go with the flow I have become. I mean after being in rural Africa, dealing with malaria, electricity cuts, poopy internet, and bus breakdowns in the middle of nowhere; I don’t let things like long lines in target, no available treadmills at the gym, or social media nonsense, get to me anymore.

    Its very liberating.


  5. What up internet friends.

    SIGHHH, the struggle bus has been picking my ass up everyday since I’ve gotten back from Tanzania in March! Between moving into a new place, starting a new job, catching up with my friends and family, and catching up on Game of Thrones…and getting drunk off Trader Joe’s wine, I haven’t been blogging much.

    Well a sista is back and ready to share many musings with you all sooooo hold on to your seats! Here comes a plethora of lackluster posts and questionable pictures!

    Thank you,



  6. Fished these reading spectacles out of the $3 bin at the goodwill. +1.50 prescription and all #judgenot


  7. "A woman is not written in braille, you don’t have to touch her to know her."
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  8. Am I the only one who feels uneasy about men taking selfies? Like ask me boo, I’ll take it for you.


  9. Nigerian Artist, Modé

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  10. afrobeatsindacity:

    New Music…

    Fuse ODG ft Sean Paul - Dangerous Love

    There is no stopping Fuse ODG, he is back with another hit featuring Sean Paul. “Dangerous Love” is sure to be a summer favourite. 


    Afrobeats City


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  11. Anonymous said: You are so beautiful, kind, and intelligent. I love your blog!!! God bless!!!

    WOW!!! Thank you!!


  12. My last night in Kigali, before my sad, sad, departure. SIGH, currently in cold America. 


  13. My going away party in Tanzania last week. It still hasn’t registered that I am not going back! I still feel like I’m a vacation. I think it will be real when I start my new job next week. Sigh, my Africa withdrawals have not happened yet but I’m sure they are coming.

    Stay tuned.


  14. Impromptu concert in Kigali by one of my favorite East African singers! Here I am, sitting enjoying brunch at Milles Collines in Kigali. And who hops onstage? Freaking Dr. Jose Chameleon! Imagine my surprise when he started performing Badilisha and Valu Valu, I freaking died.

    What a way to end my year on this beautiful continent.


  15. I got in at 3pm from Brussels, mama got in at 4pm from Paris! Ahhhhhh what great planning on our part (or my mother stalks my life and ensured she’d be there to enjoy my return lo)

    I’m feeling so happy to be home, I can load youtube videos, I ate potato chips, theres cable in this piece. Wow