1. Swaziland 2012 #africa


  2. Fished these reading spectacles out of the $3 bin at the goodwill. +1.50 prescription and all #judgenot


  3. "A woman is not written in braille, you don’t have to touch her to know her."
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  4. Am I the only one who feels uneasy about men taking selfies? Like ask me boo, I’ll take it for you.


  5. Nigerian Artist, Modé

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  6. afrobeatsindacity:

    New Music…

    Fuse ODG ft Sean Paul - Dangerous Love

    There is no stopping Fuse ODG, he is back with another hit featuring Sean Paul. “Dangerous Love” is sure to be a summer favourite. 


    Afrobeats City


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  7. Anonymous asked: You are so beautiful, kind, and intelligent. I love your blog!!! God bless!!!

    WOW!!! Thank you!!


  8. My last night in Kigali, before my sad, sad, departure. SIGH, currently in cold America. 


  9. My going away party in Tanzania last week. It still hasn’t registered that I am not going back! I still feel like I’m a vacation. I think it will be real when I start my new job next week. Sigh, my Africa withdrawals have not happened yet but I’m sure they are coming.

    Stay tuned.


  10. Impromptu concert in Kigali by one of my favorite East African singers! Here I am, sitting enjoying brunch at Milles Collines in Kigali. And who hops onstage? Freaking Dr. Jose Chameleon! Imagine my surprise when he started performing Badilisha and Valu Valu, I freaking died.

    What a way to end my year on this beautiful continent.


  11. I got in at 3pm from Brussels, mama got in at 4pm from Paris! Ahhhhhh what great planning on our part (or my mother stalks my life and ensured she’d be there to enjoy my return lo)

    I’m feeling so happy to be home, I can load youtube videos, I ate potato chips, theres cable in this piece. Wow


  12. If you can guess where I am today, I’ll bring you back chocolates…and waffles.

    Sike naw, I’m in Belgium! I have a long layover from Kigali and took the train from the Brussels airport into the city. Ok, it was unplanned, I was half sleep and accidentally left the transfer area and exited with the rest of the Africans. 

    Sigh, next thing I know I’m out in the cold walking around Brussels eating pastries with my carry on like some homeless. 

    The adventures of Stephanie Kimou.


  13. Daddy, 1970’s, University of Abidjan. #abidjan #africa #cotedivoire #ivorycoast


  14. i’m going to miss Tanzanian music so much.

    Ali Kiba feat. Lady Jay Dee, my jam!


  15. Threw a party for the two wonderful women who work at my house today! They really hold my roommate and I down, and we just wanted to thank them with a pizza party for their kids! We told them no husbands allowed #andsowhat #theirhusbandskinndasuck anyway